Saturday, June 4, 2011

Green #2 + Flowers

Yes, there is more green and flower pictures I have taken. I have taken so many pictures lately that I haven't shared. Here are some more flower and plant pictures. I am so happy that I am done with school. I can post more often and keep up with my own life! :-) I am going to a graduation party later for my cousin and I will hopefully have some pictures from that to share too! Not to mention pictures from before school was out! So here are some (kinda) pictures.

 I love how this photo has "veins" on the flower. It's darker, so it makes the whole flower pop.
 I'm pretty sure this is a strawberry plant we are going. I love how the water droplet is just sitting on the one petal of the flower. The focus is really neat too!
 Here is kinda of a close up on the last photo. Again, I love the focus. I have recently been discovering bokeh. (not so much in this picture) I have been using my camera a lot and I have been learning even more things about it!
 A strawberry bud.... I love when all of the strawberries grow/bloom at once. Then I can go out and pick all of them and eat 'em all up! ;-)
  I like the water droplets of this one too! I like how the back round just blurs up/out.
 I like how there is new life and old life in this picture. I can relate it to my own life. There are ups and downs. There are good times, and there are bad.
 I like how this photo has the flower and the leaves. It's neat to see them in the same picture.
 I just think this one looks cool! :-) the one tiny "flower" was just sitting on the leaf.

 I absolutely LOVE the color of this one! It's SO pretty! You can see each flower so perfectly.
 Purple is a really pretty color on flowers and this just looks so cool! They almost look fake!
 For this photo, I not only love the flower part, I love how you can see the wood chips also. The flower and the wood chips come together to make a fantastic photo!
 This one is cool because of the focus and the shadow in the backround. This isn't my favorite picture, but its okay.
 Would you call these purple or blue? Again, I love the wood chips.
 Pink is another good color for flowers. I took almost all of these pictures at my school. They were recently planted so I snapped a couple of pictures.
 I have very recently fallen in love with these flowers! They are so pretty and so complex! God made them SO pretty with many different features.
 Purple... such a pretty color.
This is the kind of flowers used for the 8th grade graduation at my school. Which I happened to serve. I will hopefully be putting more pictures from that too! That was on Thursday. 

That's all for now folks! I'll be posting soon with more pictures!