Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prom Pictures

Here are the pictures I took from my brother's prom last week. It's hard to believe he can go from the gym to prom... amazing! :-)

 This is actually the last photo I took... Crazy pictures are the best, right?
 This is the photo I took first, before he left. He took his date and two other friends with him in our car.
 My brother Zach and his date Alexa. She's SO pretty!
 Just an FYI, a lot of the photos are taken from different angles. They don't usually look at me. There were SO many people there that I could not move to take better photos.
 This pictures shows a part of her dress. I love the jewels! They're so pretty!
 The pictures were taken on Crystal Lake. It's very pretty!
 It was a very sunny day! I bet those boys were really hot.
 Two pairs...
 This was Zach's corsage.
 These were the people that wore pink. You can never have too much pink.
 Five out the the 11 (?) girls.
 The boys.
 Zach and his buds.
 The dudes in a better position.
 A close up of Zach and three other people.
 It is IMPOSSIBLE to get these guys in the perfect position, smiling, and not looking dumb.
 They look like super models!
 Another picture that would be impossible to get perfect. This is all of the people though.
 And another attempt.
 And another in a different angle.
 The girls!
 Boys will be boys. :-)
 I love this picture! It's so pretty to see all of the dresses!
 We did this on purpose: to see their hair and the back of their dresses.
 My brother and my mom.
 Zach and I. (I love this picture!)
Another picture of the corsage. Very pretty!

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