Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yesterday I went shopping with my mom. It was SUPER fun!! I don't get to go shopping very often, especially for me. We were essentially looking for a swimsuit, but we spent 5+ hours and we did not find a swimsuit that I wanted and fit right. :( I did get some very cool things though! We went to multiple stores and other places including: the library, Macy's, Barnes and Noble, Micheal's, Claire's, Kohls, Sam's Club, Fantastic Sam's, Once Upon a Child, ect. My mom went to some of those stores when I was in another store. I surprised her with a cookie I bought at Barnes and Noble! :-) So here are the things I and my mom bought:

 My new shoes from Kohls. They were the last one there so we got a nice discount.

I got this headband from Claire's. I've worn it twice already! It goes with a lot of outfits.
*Note* All headbands from here on are from Claire's.
I had to add blue into my wardrobe of headbands somewhere. I love blue and this headband looks awesome!
A very simple headband can be good sometimes! This one is just a silver sparkle.
I love this one because it's silver and black and there's a flower on it! A perfect combination!
My sparkly, twisted headband. I like this one because it's simple and it's cute. 
A closer view.
 My new shirt from Kohls. I love this shirt!
 My {large} new pajama pants from Macy's. They were on clearance, but they were a size or two bigger than my size... but they're pajama pants, it doesn't matter, right?
 Another clearance shirt at Macy's. This shirt was returned by someone without the price tag, so we got it for cheaper than regular price!
 Something about this shirt is really pretty. I really like. It's {again} from Macy's and on clearance.
And of course more headbands from Claire's. They were having a deal so I got a lot. I also had a gift card.


  1. I have that black and silver flower headband! cute stuff! :D