Saturday, June 25, 2011


My life has been surrounded by babysitting. I babysit day in and day out! I absolutely LOVE doing it, but it can be a little tiring. Another good thing is that the more I babysit, the more money I get toward my camera. Here are some pictures of some people I babysat/babysit.

This is Jordan. 
 This is Maddie.
 They have the coolest swing set! No wonder they were on it almost the whole time!
 They're such cute kids! ;-)
 And they're talented too!
 I love the sun flair on her hair! SO pretty!
 I absolutely love the pictures of these kids in the corn field. They make the picture look really cool!
 If you couldn't tell, or didn't know, they are twins.
 She's such a cute little 2nd grader! haha!
 They were really fun to photograph!
 Gotta love mama's kisses!
 Wow... his nose is kind of gross but his eyes! They're so cute!
 This kid is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!!!

I hope you enjoyed looking at some cute kid pictures! Do you get to babysit? Do you like babysitting?