Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! Are you doing anything special? Did you do anything special? I just want to mention how important and special my dad is to me. He brought me to school everyday. He taught me at least 2 classes. He brings me home from school. He is a great Christian. He has a mind set on God. He does everything for good. He fixes anything that is broken. He does laundry every week for my family. He cooks the most fantastic meals! And he is the best dad I will ever have! Here are some {old} pictures of my dad and I... I would have more, but the computer that has most of the pictures of us on, has a virus, which of course my dad is trying to fix!

 I believe this was on Easter.
 (sorry that it's sideways...)
This is on Thanksgiving. 

Thank you dad for being the best dad in the whole wide world!!!


  1. Nice pictures, but I have to argue, that my dad is the best in the whole wide world. ;)

  2. sorry ali your wrong... my dad is...THE BEST