Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rain photos

The rain is back. We had so much sun for days, but now the rain is back for the next week or so. There is an upside to rain though! I have a waterproof camera so I love to go and take pictures in the rain. :-) Here are a couple of the pictures I have taken in the rain.

 I have to start with my favorite picture. It's SO pretty! I wish I could capture this kind of photo every day! :-)
 This one is really cool because you can see the rain drops perfectly on a multicolored leaf.
 More Irises. I just like how this picture looks. The backround is kind of blurry with brings out the flowers. The water droplets also give a nice effect to the flower/photo.
 Lime green! No way! I love how you can see the rain drops perfectly and the other leaves in the backround give the picture more depth.
I like this one because you can actually see the rain falling! The bad thing is, is that it's really blurry.

Do you like the rain? Do you have a waterproof camera? There are more picture in the rain coming!

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