Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photoshoot with Elianna

 A neighbor, a friend, a schoolmate. This is Elianna.
 Elianna and I carpool every morning during school. One day, before school, I took her pictures and they turned out fantastic! :-)
 Our school just got new swings and everybody loves them!
 Her eyes are so blue! I LOVE them!
 She's such a good person to take pictures of!
 It was Elianna's idea to go on the bars.
 Bless this girl's heart! She let me take pictures of her, even in really cold weather. It doesn't look cold, but it was!
 She definitely looks like she's shivering! Poor girl!
 I don't know what her shirt says, but I love it already!
 I love how relaxed she is in these photos! Good job Elianna!
 The picture above is my favorite! The backround just compliments the whole picture. I love it! And when you add a pretty girl to the picture, it can't get much better!
Thanks Elianna!