Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sophia|Teenage session

One recess, I decided I really wanted to take pictures of my friend. So, therefor I did! Here are the pictures of my friend Sophia. 

 I didn't exactly tell her I wanted to take her pictures, but you know, she loved it!
 I'm personally not a big fan of ^this picture, but she liked it so, you know, that's a compliment and I love getting compliments!
 I got a lot of good pictures, so be warned.
 ^My favorite of the session!
 Do you see her earrings? Yeah, I made them! She is the only person that really likes my earrings and buys them.
 When we first were taking photos in ^this spot, we didn't know that there were ticks. The *principal* (because we were at school) said that we shouldn't go there because there are ticks. *aka, my dad.
 ^Thanks to Belle at livineachday4him.blogspot.com I was able to get this picture to look really cool from a technique she taught me.

 What a pretty girl!

I have BIG news! I am having my first real session coming up. We are planning it and everything! I am going to be taking pictures of a baby girl, also named Sophia. I am SO excited and I will definitely be sharing pictures! :D

Have a blessed Tuesday everyone!