Monday, September 5, 2011

Only in the Summer

Only in the summer will I...

  1. Sit on the couch watching TV without anything on my mind
  2. Stay up really late
  3. Babysit early mornings
  4. Run outside in my swim suit because it's summer, duh!
  5. Go tubing, knee boarding, swimming, ect.
  6. Keep my alarm off
  7. Read books because I want to, not because I have to
  8. Play everyday with my neighbors (that one's for you Aimee!)
  9. Have no idea what day/date it is
  10. Wear pajamas all day
  11. Do a bunch of crafts
  12. Wear short shorts
  13. See flowers and crops bloom
  14. Wear whatever I want because I know the people I see don't care
  15. Have time to organize my room, in other words, have time for anything, really..
  16. Check my email every few hours, not because I know something's coming, but because I want to
  17. Come up with really creative blog posts
  18. See my brother shirtless running around the house
  19. Go to a bunch of camps
  20. Concentrate really hard on reaching 20 "pin points." :P
Happy Labor day everybody!


  1. I like the "See my brother shirtless running around the house" thing! :D


  2. Summer is so fun..and sad to see it go. :[ But I also love the fall and winter seasons. I get to dress warmer, and wake up earlier, go to pumpkin patches and apple orchards, see the leaves fall to the ground. I'm really looking forward to it. :]