Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day Flowers: Part 1

Photography Tips: Macro 
a.k.a. my favorite!

1. Simplify your pictures as much as possible. When you are shooting something really small (like a bee in this case) you aren't going to want a busy backround (like mine). Though, my picture just totally shocks me. I can't believe I took ^that^ picture! AH!
2. Be patient! I know this was at one point, in everyone's Sunday School class! Now use it in photography! When you sit, outside, for 30 minutes near a flower bead, something exciting is bound to happen!
3. Take candid shots! When you take a picture of a butterfly or dragonfly or some fly, there is different feeling then when you just take a picture of a flower, which is also good, but the bug just adds something different.
4. Depth in Field. When shooting macro shots, the depth of the picture really matters. If you look at my first photo, I have my subject {the bee} and the backround. The backround really adds more to the picture if it is in a different "dimension."
5. SLR tips: use a small aperture, high shutter speed, and you might want to use a 55mm macro lens with diopters. 
6. Stalk your prey. Okay, I just had to think of a random tip. I know I told you to be patient, but I did chase a butterfly before and I ended up getting some cool shots! :D
7. Try different angles. Angles make picture look more interesting.
Well, this post took WAY longer than it should've. I hope you learned something because I sure did looking up all of these tips! (Whoops! I just gave away my secret!) Have a good night, friend!

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