Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall 2011

It's about that time of year again. The time where everything changes color and the weather gets a little cooler (especially here in Minnesota!).

1) Outfits  

It's that time of year where you bring out bulky sweaters, jeans, and sweatshirts. I wear them almost every day! It's almost like getting a whole new wardrobe because you haven't worn them for so long. But trust me, these will soon be old to me.

2) Leaves
The leaves are changing. We have already had a day that had frost on the ground. :( Yes, it's sad, but I kind of like when weather changes. Why? I really 
don't know. :D

3) Flowers Dying
   Sadly, flowers are dying. I'm really upset because they are my favorite things to take pictures of! What am I going to do? Yes, I will find something to take pictures of, but all of the vibrant flowers are going to be gone! :'( 

4) Walnuts falling
All of our walnuts are falling off of this one tree. They are all over! Luckily, people hardly ever go by that tree because it's in the corner of our yard. 

5) Crops
The last of the crops are being picked. Not only tomatoes, but a lot of corn is still being harvested in the fields. 

 6) Tree
I took this picture because in a month or so, it will look totally different. I thought this is a good way to "document" what a tree looks like and changes.

It's amazing how much life changes around you!  I hope you have a fantastic fall even with school.

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