Monday, August 1, 2011

Photography Tips | Portraiture

"Today's lesson is on Portraits!"

por·trai·ture [pawr-tri-cher, pohr-]

the art or an instance of making portraits
1) Interact with your subject so you can get close.
2) Candid shots work wonders! (candid means the person isn't posing, it'a all natural)
3) Use objects
4) It's all about the eyes 
          ~rule of thirds! The "Rule of Thirds" is you divide your paper/screen in a tic-tac-toe grid. You 
           want your subject to be on the lines. Usually pictures are centered, but the human eye is more
          "attractive" to the things on the sides. Does that make sense?
5) Light is your friend (and also your enemy)
6) Be unconventional
7) Watch your backround (distractions)

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