Friday, August 26, 2011

Miscellaneous Ramblings

1) Babysitting 

<That girl is SO cute! That picture was taken the day after her 4th (?) birthday.  I've been babysitting a lot lately before school starts. One family has me come a few times a week in the morning, which I absolutely love! I mean, babysitting is SO fun! And, it's a good job to get money toward a new camera.

2) August skies

 The sky is August is always SO pretty! So many vivid colors. This is a daily thing, it's always pretty.

  3) Swimming

<That picture was taken at my neighbors new pool! I babysit for they're three kids all the time and I was SO excited to swim in they're pool because seriously, it is amazing!

 4) Lovely flowers

A lot of flowers are blooming at my house right now. This flower is one of them. I honestly love this picture! I love the edit, the flower, the bokeh, the crop, everything!

  5) Random pictures of my towel

I got bored on the way home from Wisconsin Dells, so I ended up taking a lot of random pictures of my towel. :P 

  6) Summer umbrellas 

 This picture was also taken at the Wisconsin Dells, but I think it could apply for anywhere/anyone. If you didn't already notice, I miss that place. Now I'm stuck at home doing hardly nothing.

 7) Doing things I really shouldn't do...

Long story short: our teacher said, "I don't care what you do with your workbook... You can throw it away, recycle it, burn it, whatever." So I burned it. 

Disclaimer: I had adult supervision.  

 8) My school's ice cream social

Every year my school has an ice cream social where students and their families go to this one park, play, and eat ice cream! :-) Nothing like free ice cream, right? 

  9) I didn't do it!

It's a LONG story....

 10) Denim

That picture is of a pair of jean shorts that I wear all. the. time. They are very comfortable and I really shouldn't wear them to school, even though I have. :D  


  1. Cool pictures! I really like the one of the reflection in the pool. And I burned some of my old school stuff this year too :)

  2. haha i wanna know why the cop was there! :) we were going to burn some books but my dad didn't let me. lol we threw them away though so i was happy! :)

  3. ha ha! i'd love to hear the long story lol!

  4. I wanna know what the long story is! Love that flower pic! :]