Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bible verse of the week #15

Today I am going to use THIS website to tell you more about this Bible verse.

John 3:16 tells us...

1. ... that God loves us.
2.  ... that we are lost and need a Savior.
3. ... that God became a human being. (incarnation)
4. ... that there is eternal life after death. 
5. The greatest thing of all, it tell us what we need to do to obtain this eternal life; we only need to believe. 

Do you know John 3:16 by heart? If not, I highly encourage you to memorize it in any version you want. John 3:16 is for those that are in Spiritual need. 

Driving it home:
Are you spiritually a life with a living relationship with Jesus?
Can other people see and experience that?  
Do you know John 3:16 by heart?
What is sin?

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