Monday, August 15, 2011

A Mysterious Adventure

A few weeks ago, I went to my cousins house for a few days while my parents were out of town. When we got there, we dropped our stuff right by the door, hugged everyone, pet the dog, and started playing wii. After like a half an hour, my aunt came downstairs {where we were} and told us to put our shoes on because we were going on an adventure. She would not tell us where we were going! So we went to get some gas in the car and then out to lunch.

After lunch we went to the Bell Museum.

 Okay, gross!!!
 The sign below explains the picture above.

After the Bell Museum, we went into the building below...

VIA see the Exploradome.

 The next morning we went to the Washington County Fair. I couldn't help NOT taking pictures of these cute animals!
 Do you see her tongue?
 ^That is the new hair style everyone! :P

 I think bunnies are SO cute!
What a pretty animal!

 After the fair, we went swimming!!!
 Waterproof cameras are amazing!
 I tried to get half the camera above water and half under water. Hot or not?
 My awesome cousin Eva.
 And again.
 My toes under water.

^Those are my new best friends. They were so much fun.

The next day we went to ^that^ very good restaurant.

And we had, their "famous" Hersey's chocolate shakes! YUM!

It truly was an adventure, wasn't it? Do you go on "adventures" like that one?

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  1. What underwater camera do you have? I've been wanting to get one that is pretty cheap... no way I'm taking my Canon 30D underwater!!! Even if I did buy a housing case for it, which is about triple the amount of money I paid for my camera :P