Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Lesson on Photographing Nature {a Guest Post by: Francesca}

hi bloggers! before i start this post, i'm going to tell you a little bit about me and my blog!

i'm francesca. i have brown hair, brown eyes, and i'm 12 2/3 years old. i'm going into 7th grade this year. i'm the girl that obsesses over blogger, sings in the shower, and has a HUGE heart for Jesus. i love photography, math, art, music, and have hopes of learning guitar. it's nice to meet you!

(ignore the bathrobe in the background, my cats claimed it as their bed)

my blog is sunshine + moonlight photography. as you can tell it is a photography blog. but, it is also a blog of thoughts, and expression. it is a blog about my life. it is my life in photos and words. blogger is one of my obsessions and loves. it's like i have a huge unknown family that loves reading about my life and looking at my pictures. so that is my blog.

now about this post. right now, i am reading a book called The BetterPhoto Guide to Digital NATURE Photography By: Jim Miotke. so far, i really like the book. it is interesting and Jim Miotke is a great photographer. so using tips from his book i am going to post a lesson on photographing nature. 

(my neighbors cat whom i am cat sitting for)

the word photography comes from the Greek word for light (pho) and painting (graphe).

one thing that the book suggests you remember is L.C.D or light, composition, digital exposure. those are 3 things that you should remember while taking pictures outside, or anywhere really! light is important because depending on where the sun is (or your source of light) you photo looks different. if the light is facing you and behind your subject, it is called backlight. if the sun is behind you, facing your subject, that is called frontlight. if it is on the side of your subject it is called sidelight. simple right? 

composition. is where you place your subject. when you are taking pictures you usually always want to use the rule of thirds. this means divide your picture into 3 sections. don't place your subject in the middle because it makes your pictures look more professional and pleasing. believe me, it works!

digital exposure, is aperture. aperture is the adjustable opening through which light passes into your camera. digital exposure is shutter speed. depending on how fast your shutter opens and closes makes your picture look different especially if you are taking pictures of water. the slower your shutter is, the more cotton candyish the water looks. digital exposure is ISO. ISO represents how sensitive the camera sensor is to light. 

my personal favorite thing to photography in nature is flowers because they are all so beautiful and full of detail! another thing that i love about photographing nature is that most things don't move! lol! i am an only child so i haven't really ever had any people to practice on so i either use dolls or i use nature.

one thing that i have noticed is that most of my pictures are horizontal.i think that most people don't really think of photographing vertically unless they are taking pictures of something tall. but, if you are on the ground, most anything can be photographed vertically. i found out that flowers especially look cool photographed vertically! so next time you are taking pictures, take one horizontal, and one vertical. then see which one you like better!!

so that ends my post on photography tips. i hope that these tips help you in the future because i know they helped me!! 

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happy blogging!


thanks for letting me post Madie! i really enjoyed it!

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