Monday, August 8, 2011

Where did my inspiration go?

My post title explains it all. Sadly, I have tons of pictures to share with you, but I can't because there's just no way to... Well maybe there is, but it goes really slow! I am running low on inspiration right now. I can't upload pictures to my computer so they are sitting on my memory card. I have only a few pictures available. Maybe I should get a new memory card. Hmm!

I've been really busy... typical excuse though. I'm so sorry I haven't posted in like a week. Wow! That is crazy!

To find inspiration, I've been obsessed with Pinterest. I've been looking at a lot of the crafts, because I am a very crafty person. Should I do like an art week where I explain some really easy crafts? Tell me what you think in a comment! I really respect your opinions!

I am writing this at my grandparents' house. I had a ton of fun here, but I'm ready to go home. Being busy is a part of my life, but it brings so much stress. I'm NOT going to complain though, because I've rather be busy than bored, so... I hope you all have a fantastic day! Be looking forward to some of my trip posts.

P.S. Anyone interested in quest posting? I'm not going anywhere, I just need the time to think of posts and put pictures in posts! :O


  1. Madie!? you have a pinterest? I need the link! haha we need to follow each other! Will you email it to me?

  2. oh, and ps...i know its hard for inspiration. if your having troubles coming up with posts I recommend doing a miscellaneous ramblings post.

  3. I'd love to guest post! Maybe around the 13th I could get one together. it's the day after I get back from vacation and i'll be settled home again!

  4. I would love to guest post to!!! :) THAT WOULD BE FUN!!! And I think you should do a craft of the week! :D

    Love ya!

  5. Oh, Madie..don't lose inspiration! :] email me and i'll give you some ideas for posts.