Saturday, July 30, 2011

{A Couple} Photography Tips | Macro

Last week, meaning Monday through yesterday (Friday), I did a photography camp. I learned a lot and I would like to share with you a couple things that I learned. Today I'll be posting about the Macro setting.



anything very large in scale, scope, or capability.
Photography . a macro lens.
1)When you are shooting in Macro, get close. Like REALLY close!! 2)Remember to use different angles, angles, angles! A picture is more exciting when you use different angles. 3)Focus is key. The focus should be on the main "subject" of the picture. 4)Use your zoom and watch your settings. You don't necessarily need to get physically close to an object, the focus might get off. Use your zoom to get close to an object. What it means by watching your settings is making sure there isn't a person in the backround or a dead leaf that you don't want in the picture. Maybe even a bug that you don't want. Here are some of my macro pictures:

I am in love with this picture! The frog is SO cute!

I hope you learned something and be looking forward to more photography tips!

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