Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tips on Photography; A Guest Post By Francesca

hi everyone!! my name is francesca, and i blog over at sunshine + moonlight! today while Madie is on vacation, i am guest posting for her, and i decided to do a tutorial type thing. so first i'll start off with a little bit about me!

my name is francesca. i am 12 1/2  years old. some of my favorite things are, art, math (weird i know), photography, blog design, and many more things that you will soon find out by reading my blog.
as you may have figured out from the button for my blog, i LOVE shoes! who doesn't?!?! i just can't get enough of them! so as you may have figured out i will be in 7th grade in september!! some words that describe me are artsy, active, funny, friendly, sarcastic, and silly. some of my friends call me frank or frankie (don't ask) but then others call me frannie (which i prefer but oh well). i have a love for american girl dolls, which you can read about on this blog: The Girls of Crestview Lanei live in the state of New York, i am and only child, and i've lived in the same house my whole life. i hope that gives you a little taste of me!

ok so now for the tutorial! i am going to give you guys 5 photography tips that i try to use when i am capturing pictures!!

1. Try out different settings on your camera!
you may have a preference or a favorite setting on your camera, but sometimes change it up and make your pictures look different! it tells people that you are creative and artistic with your pictures, and its fun to experiment too!

my absolute favorite setting is Macro! i have to admit i usually use that all the time!

2. Use different angles while taking pictures!
if you are taking pictures of something big, for example a tree. you don't want to center the tree in your picture because then it doesn't give the picture any detail. you want to take a picture of a couple branches with a nice background like the sky!

3. Take pictures of different things!
most photographers have something that they really enjoy taking pictures of, so they photograph those things the most! but, sometimes its good to take pictures of something you don't really like, or don't photograph often because then you can get better at photographing all different things!

i'm not quite sure why i love this picture. i think it reminds me of my childhood!

4. Use the sun to your advantage!
most people tell you to have the sun behind you, but I am telling you do it both ways!! when you take pictures facing towards the sun, you get really different looks of the picture than when you were facing away from the sun. sometimes you can even take pictures OF the sun!

it can also help people who like to draw, because you see where the sun makes pictures lighter on one side and darker on the other!

5. Always be creative while taking pictures!
take pictures from different angles, on different settings, and use the sun! here is one of my recent pictures that has to be one of my favorites!

so I will leave you with that! i hope you all enjoyed this post! soon Madie will be posting on my blog while I'm on vacation, so be on the lookout! and please feel free to check out my blog!!
thanks so much for letting me post Madie!


  1. Cool post! I like macro too! <3

  2. macro is probably my favorite, too :) i love capturing all the little things, like tiny flowers, but i have challenged myself to expand. i have tried my hand at landscape a few times, and even though it isn't my favorite, i still like it :)

    thanks for these tips, Francesca! you are very talented in photography, keep up the great work!


  3. Thanks guys!! And your welcome Madie!

  4. Nice tips- I love using natural light when photographing pictures, too.

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