Thursday, July 7, 2011

Books, Reading..♥ {a guest post by Rachel}

Hey Madie M.
 Thank you So much for letting me Guest post on your blog! I really enjoyed it. ♥


Hmmm, Reading? i love.
Most books yes, some are just SOOO boring, am i right?! but the books i show, are not boring, because why would i show you books that are boring? I don't know.
This book, Is called "In front of God and everybody" bye K.D Mcrite, Heard of it? I love this series, SO funny, Hilarious, Clean, I would totally recommend it! There is another coming our this December, Which I want  to read it now..... =D

What have you been reading lately?
Well, I'll tell you what I'm reading..

Scary, huh? Yes i know The pile is getting bigger, I started reading "Sarahs Key" (a holocaust book) and "heaven is Real"  But they were from the library and i started when they had to go back... Haha some times i read for a whole (almost) entire day, or sometimes i dont even read for a whole week! Is it just me or do you do that too?

I hope you all like my post today... Because i did!  ♥

{about the photographer, and writer}

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Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thank you SO much Rachel!! It was a beautiful post! I love reading too!