Thursday, July 21, 2011

People in my cabin

If you didn't read THIS post, you probably don't know that I was at camp! I just wanted to share with you who was in my cabin. There were 12 people total. Sadly, one girl broke her arm on the second day, so we "recruited" the nurse's daughter to stay with us. There were seven on my side of the cabin, three (the counselors) in the middle, and two on the other side of the cabin. The two were alone because they were apart of a different camp, sailing camp. So... here they are!

 This is Ella, I have a lot of pictures of her because we went to camp together.
 Kajsa and Amber. They were in the Sailing Camp.
 This is Grace with her face paint on.
 This is the nurse's daughter that stayed with us for a few nights.
 This is Kalie. She was SO nice!
 This is a {horrible} picture my side of the cabin. The girl right next to me is Sophie. She didn't want any other picture taken of her. The one with her head down is Mary... she absolutely hated pictures! 
 This is my main counselor and I. Her name is Rachel. She was SO nice! She would randomly come up to me and give me a nice, heartwarming hug. She was always with us.
This was my other counselor, Ashley. She was also really nice. I didn't get to see her as much as Rachel though because she was with the sailors, sailing.

This was my YSL (Youth Servant Leader). YSL's come to camp a total of 2 weeks. One week for training and one week to see what it's like to be counselor. Her name is Sarah and she was amazing. She had a TON of crazy stories to tell us... wow. :-)

Well, I hope you enjoyed these pictures of my new friends! :-) Have you ever gone to camp? Have you ever heard of Camp Omega?


  1. Yes, I've been to camp! I don't think I've ever heard of camp omega though..Looks like fun! :]