Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, today I started my journey back home from Colorado. We made it to Nebraska and we're staying the night here. Tomorrow I'm back in Minnesota. It was fun to get away from home and work, but it's time to be home. The comfort of my home relaxes me like no other place. When I get home, everything will be hectic again, but that's my life. My life is just full of business and chaos. I just have to say my last good-bye's to everyone and everything.

 Good-bye Megan. (Megan is my friend from Nebraska. We've been friends ever since I was born!)
 Good-bye Colorado Mountains. Good-by Colorado.
 Good-bye condo that we stayed at. I loved walking down your hallways and spending time in your arcade, pool, and lobby.
 Good-bye Nebraska. (sorry for the glare!)
Good-bye long hikes. Good-bye family.

Hello older brothers. Hello Minnesota.

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