Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The amazing Camp Omega

Well, if you didn't know, I was just at camp. It was the first time I was at camp for a week! I had SO much fun, I can not explain how much fun I had! Here are some pictures! :-) This is just a brief overview of what we did! I will post some more pictures.

 This is me on my kayak.
 I just love this picture! It is the top of the kayak and I think it looks really cool with the water on top and everything.
 We did TONS of swimming. We went swimming 5 times; one day we went twice. The one day that we went twice, we went for a night swim with all of the cabins/people. It was pretty crazy!
 Archery... fun, but not my favorite.
And we played LOTS of games everyday! To tell the teams apart, we had to wear face paint like everyday to know who was on what team.


  1. sounds like a blast! great pictures! :] that face paint would make my face break out every time i wore it so haha...my face wouldn't be very pretty! :P

  2. My face did break out. I was SO mad! Even putting lotion on my face didn't help much!

  3. Oh my word Madie! This is exactly what we did! We wore paint on our faces to show each team apart, we did archery, swam, etc. ! COOL!! :D

  4. Hahaha! no way! These camps must have some contact with each other! :-)