Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall 2011 {continued}

Do you remember THIS post? Well, that just scratches the surface of fall. Here are some more pictures that remind me of fall.

 1) Scarves
It is definitely scarf season. I only have a few fashion scarves, but they are fun to wear! (and keep you warm in the cold weather)
 2) Heated Mattress Pad
For my 11th birthday, I got a heated mattress pad because I have the coldest bedroom in the house. I thought it was time to take it out because I am cold already!
 3) Cookie Baking
With cold weather comes indoor activities. Baking is SO much fun to do on a cold day!
 4) Football
Whether Little league (my younger brother), Varsity (one of my older brothers), or flag football in gym, I am a total sucker for football. My dad is a coach and all of my brother have played on a team. I just love it!
 5) Hot Chocolate
Ahhh! I love hot chocolate! I have been having it a lot and I mean, a lot, lately. It is so good! 

The picture is fuzzy looking, but I think it looks kinda cool, but that's just me. 
6) Sunsets
Just as in the summer, fall also has beautiful sunsets. When I took this picture, one minute the sun was in the sky, the next it was like this, and then the sun was down. It was beautiful to track how the sun was facing me.


  1. Love the last picture and one of you! :)

  2. I love scarves and baking annnd hot cocoa!! :)