Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Life Changing Experience?

A true story about how much God cares for us.


One regular (yet busy) Saturday afternoon, I was sitting around, all alone. Everything was silent. Suddenly the phone broke the silence. I realized that it was under my mom's name. The caller ID. I didn't recognize the number though... I thought it was my grandma, who is on our plan, under my mom's name. But no, it was a call from my brother at college.

Haha! Okay, you get to see at least 'a' picture of him. Maybe not the best. Actually not the best. Not my picture.
When I answered, it was my brother, Devin. He had a worried tone, almost as if he was crying. He asked if mom was home and I said no. I suddenly became a little worried. He said he wasn't feeling well and I thought, "Oh he must be homesick, the worst it could be would be that his shoulder hurts from surgery." After I hung up, I answered the phone again because it was already ringing when I was still on the phone with Devin. It was a girl asking for Devin. She said that she found his wallet and looked up his number on the college website or something like that. I got her number and my voice started to sound just like Devin's was, but this time, a sense of relief and thankfulness. Everything started to make sense. I called Devin back and gave him her number. He got his wallet back from the one girl working at a coffee shop. Devin went to get groceries and he biked home. That's when his wallet fell out of his pocket. Devin texted my reassuring me that he got his wallet back and told me exactly what happened. 

My eyes become watery when I started thinking about what this means. It wasn't the girl who found the wallet and gave it back to Devin. It wasn't my conscience calming my body. It was God. God cared for my family so much that he made sure that Devin's wallet wasn't stolen. He calmed my spirit and gave me the reassuring message. Sometimes in this society we think everything goes wrong. Things like robbery, war, theft. But there are still people out there that care about other people. This story was really eye-opening to me. As little {or maybe big} as this sounds, I found peace knowing that God was there through it all. He was watching over us, and protecting us from any "danger." God is truly indescribable, everybody. Never forget that God is watching out for you and will guard you even in the darkest times.

Note: The girl that found Devin's wallet had lost her purse earlier that year and someone found it for her. She wanted to repay the kindness. 

God Bless your day!