Sunday, October 23, 2011


I am excited about a lot of things.

1. My birthday: My birthday is in 18 days. Wow, I can't believe in 18 days, I will be fourteen! Crazy!

2. Early Christmas: Long story... You will {hopefully} find out in a blog post within the next week or two.

3. December 25th Christmas: Ah! I love the holidays in general. My favorite part is... spending time with family, church services practically every day, decorating, {presents :P}, and the list goes on.
Just a few years ago...

4. New camera: I am saving up for a new camera and I can't wait to get it. I am so close (in money). 

5. Thanksgiving: Wow! I totally forgot about Thanksgiving until right now. I LOVE Thanksgiving! Another fun opportunity to see family!

6. Grandparents'/VIP Day: This is the day before Thanksgiving at my school. It is a {half} day filled with fun with your grandparents and/or a very special (or important) person. 

7. Mail: I love mail and I know something is coming. Long story, short- I won some prints from a friend and they happened to drop on the way to the mailbox, and I was wondering what happened to them. Well, they're found and on their way! :D 

8. Confirmation: I get confirmed this March and I am SO excited! :D 
My oldest brother's confirmation.
A few things I'm not excited about:
-A spider on the ceiling next to me
Anybody recognize this picture?
-school tomorrow (I'm not a huge fan)

I hope you had a fantastic weekend!


  1. I turn fourteen in six days!!!! :D and I get confirmed next year :S (nervous about the speech thing I halfta give in front of our big congregation.)

  2. hey what camera did you decide to get?? haha old pictures:) <3

  3. i love getting mail too! :) especially with money in it....hah! ;0 wink wink....

    love the old pictures!!

  4. Hi!This has to do with your new header post: I just wanted to say, I think that you shoudld choose(: Because it's your header, and I think you deserve what you like best, not what everyone else likes! Great job to everyone! Plus I didn't realize you had that post up, and when I cam to tell my readers to vote, the poll was closed! So is there a possible way you could open it again?

  5. thanks for opening the poll!!!