Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sophia Joy|Newborn Session

 Here are a few of the newborn pictures I took. I still am not done editing them, so I'll probably do another post with a few more pictures.
 She was awake the whole time, except for a few at the end when she was tired and fussy.
 I'm sure you've seen the one above, I share it with everyone, everywhere. I honestly think it turned out the best.
 The family had the cutest hats and headbands for me! They added a pop of color and they were so awesome!
 I honestly did not like editing these photos. Why? Because I really want a baby sister now. Like REALLY badly! Haha! :D I know adoption has crossed my parents mind, but it's really expensive.
 I think a lot of the pictures didn't turn out, but I took so many that I think I got a couple of good photos.
She was almost 4 weeks when I took Sophia pictures. It's a little later than intended, but I'm sure the family will like a few of the pictures. This was my first scheduled session and my first newborn session so I was really excited about this!

That's all for now! Any advice? Do you have a favorite?


  1. adorable Madie!! great job! love the first one the best!!

  2. so so so cute! I love the black and white ones, and the second one, and of course the one with her little feet :)

  3. She is really cute! I love the picture with the rings on the toes. :)

  4. 2.3.6 and 7 are my favorites!! great job!!!