Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bible Verse of the Week #24

"They do not say to the themselves, 'Let us fear the Lord our God who gives autumn and spring rains in season, who assures us of the regular harvest.' Your wrong doings have kept this away; your sins have deprived you of good." ~Jeremiah 5:24-25

I like this verse because it talks briefly about autumn. Not very often do I find Bible verses about certain seasons of the year. I believe that this verse is telling us to believe in the Lord because He will be there, no matter where we are, whether at work, school, on the playground, or harvesting grain. I don't live in Texas where there's hardly any rain, but this verse assures us that God will make it work for you. He will send you peace in times of trouble, water in the time of thirst, and food in the time of hunger. 

I sometimes put myself down because my photography is just me being an amateur. I can put myself down like that or pray to God and ask Him if I should continue to love photography. Today I pulled out my camera on a field trip and I started looking through my old pictures that I haven't uploaded yet. This guy from my class was sitting next to me (because we were waiting for a show to start) and started looking at all of the photos that I've taken. He said that he really liked them and I should sell them at an art show. Haha, like I'll do that, but it's a really nice compliment considering the photos that I showed him weren't the best of my work.

What I was trying to get to with that is that just because you aren't the best, doesn't mean that you should give up. God provides for you, just like he provides rain in the verses. Be thankful for what you have!


  1. Hey Madie,
    It's Sophie, I am sorry, but I had to change the header I did for your contest. I did not get the photo I wanted for ya, and so I deleted my entry, and re-entered. I hope you do not mind, you can disqualify me if you see fit, it's your contest, but that header is meant for you anyhow, so even if I do not win, you are welcome to use it. The new photo on the new header I did for you (for copy righting reasons) I took it myself. And I hope you like it! :) And I hope it is alright for the change :(

    So Sorry! :(

  2. Oh, and PS...

    You should make the weekly photo/bible verse as a link up for every week! It's so cool and God Glorifying! :D