Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Holy Bible

 Exactly one month ago I took these pictures. I never really thought that I should edit them until I found the time to. So, I hope you enjoy creative shots of my dad's Bible.
 So for my Bible shoot, I went around the house and got any "props" I could find to add something to the picture. Kinda cool, right?
 The picture looks kind of grainy, but it's just how the Bible looks.
 One month ago there were orange, yellow, and red leaves on the trees and a few on the ground. Now, none are on the trees. At least at my house.
 Oh the sepia edit. I love how they turn out.
 I like this one better than the one of the spine of the Bible above. This one I think just adds more depth of field or something like that.
 ^I call it Halloweenish. Yes, because yesterday was halloween and it looks eerie. As you can probably tell, I WAY over edited that one. :D
I read Proverbs last May/June. It is such a good book of the Bible to read. I learned and interpreted a lot. I highly encourage you to take time to read and journal on Proverbs.

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