Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beginning of Christmas

It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas by Bing Crosby

It really is starting to look like Christmas.. at my grandparent's house. We usually set our Christmas supplies out really late, but since we went down to my grandparents' house in Nebraska, we got a chance to help them put up their Christmas decorations.

At both of our houses {my grandparents' and my}, we set up a fake Christmas tree. Why? I don't exactly know. It is a lot less messy, but I don't care too much. 

I have to admit something: I love Christmas. Wait, I take that back. I like everything that happens leading up to Christmas; shopping, decorating, music, it's all so fun!

I took that picture and wanted to delete it, but then I thought about it, and look at it, and realized it's pretty cool! :D Thoughts?

How are you getting excited for Christmas?


  1. Yes, fake trees are the best. Except ours for some reason makes a big mess. Haha. Oh well! I am Christmas shopping for gifts\making Christmas presents. Wonderful post.

  2. i like real trees the best because they smell super pretty:) but i guess i have never had a fake tree:P

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