Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Snow//Right Now

The first snow is happening, right now.

Snow makes whiteness where it falls,
The bushes look like popcorn balls.
The places where I always play,
Look like somewhere else today.
~Mary Louise Allen

First snow to wash the autumn dust
First white to clean the gold
First beauty, only days to last
First change to fresh the old

 First light to kiss the gloomy day
First soft to mild the lawn
First clean to wash the dusty way
First cool to touch the dawn

 First pure to resurrect the sky
First soft to feel the sea
First dream to make the movement die
First snow to live in me.
First Snow from this website

Goodbye my beautiful flowers, until next year.
I'll miss you, but I'll survive.
Come back soon!

Goodbye perfect, round pumpkin.
I never carved you, but you looked pretty anyway.
Stay pretty for as long as you can.
I enjoy looking at you.

Goodbye, garden.
I enjoyed your yummy, delicious fruits and veggies.
For now, I'll plan out what to plant on you next year.

Hello, beautiful snow!
You are so pretty, but please don't hurt us.
Keep your beauty, but do not get in our way.
I'll enjoy you for while, but soon, your beauty will be gone,
and I'll be upset,
Hello snow, hi.

Have you gotten snow yet?


  1. I love the picture of the pumpkin with the snow on it! So awesome!

    It snowed yesterday for me, but it never actually stuck to the ground.

  2. Great photos!!!
    No snow here! I live in a valley!


  3. Such gorgeous pictures! :))

    JC <3