Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Reason

Do you ever ask yourself why you photograph?

There are times when I ask myself this, but it truly became reality this week. 

I was at my brother's last wrestling tournament all day Thursday.

He had his first two matches, and he had one more. 

During the 2nd period, something happened. He got hurt. 

He got hurt, and I photographed the exact moment when he screamed. {He's a senior in high school, doesn't happen that often}

Now, I have a 70-300mm lens, so I can zoom pretty far and let me tell you, I got some good pictures of the whole meet.

So where am I going with this?

What I'm saying is that I captured a moment that hundreds of people are still talking about.

That one little moment changed my whole point of view. 

I saw something that a lot of people missed. I could go back and look at the picture to prove what happened.

I assure he's doing better now. It looked pretty bad at first though. He still has to get an x-ray of his shoulder that got hurt. 

My brother is the one laughing.
I'm sparing you guys the picture because it is really sad.

I'm proud to say that I got a picture that has truly changed how I feel about photography. That one split second has affected me tremendously. 

Why do you photograph? {if you do}


  1. That's an amazing story, Madie! I photograph because it's a form of artistic expression, but I've always hoped that someday I'd just happen to have my camera when something really big like that happens, so I can capture the moment. Even if it's sad or scary.

  2. By the way, how do you like that 70-300mm lens? I'm thinking about buying it. Is it good for macro? Is it heavy? Thanks! :)