Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beauty in Simplicity

I was looking for a poem to go along with this post and this is what I found. I find it really inspiring and it totally fits my pictures. The poem I chose is called "I Dream of Simplicity." 

I dream of simplicity,
Love, happiness and infinity,
I believe one day, there will be something more,
Something worth living, something worth dying for,

 One day, I know, I will have it all,
To make up for every single painful fall,
Beauty, freedom, a sense of peace,
My life one day, will be back in one piece,

 I want to enjoy living day by day,
Knowing everything worked out the right way,
I'm ready for adventure, ready for my break,
And I'm more then willing to do whatever it will take.

 Yes, I dream of simplicity,
Love, happiness, and infinity,
A world where loneliness doesn't exist, doesn't belong,
From here on in my life is my own, I can do no wrong,

 My past will no longer be my painful story,
But a rough path to my oh so sweet glory,
I've been living in a nightmare, full of regret,
And I've failed to achieve anything yet,

 So I'm done with the negativity, done with the guilt,
My future is the clay in my hands, waiting to be built,
I'm sick of the tears, sick of the lies,
Sick of being around people whom I despise,

 I dream of simplicity,
Maybe some day, you'll take a real look at me,
And finally you'll be able to see,
The happy little child, that was once hiding away in me.

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  1. That is a lovely poem! I like it a lot.
    Did you take those photos!