Wednesday, February 22, 2012

First Goal

5. Babysit for free

About a month ago now {I'm really behind, I know} I babysat two days in a row for free. The first time just made me so happy that I wanted to do it a second time! Both "sessions" were really short and I didn't really need the money for anything special. :) And, all of the kids I babysat were super cute and obedient, which makes everything more enjoyable, right?

 I babysat this girl that is now 5 months already! It's so hard to believe that I took her newborn pictures! Along with her I babysat her 3 older siblings... and three other boys that were just hanging out with us. :)

 The other boy/family I babysat for was this little two year old. He's super cute and easy to babysit. :D

P.S. Obviously these are old pictures... :) 

Have a good Wednesday!

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  1. Doing something like babysitting really does feel great to do. :)