Friday, March 16, 2012

When You Get the Focus Right | Self-Portrait

 40 Things in 2012: #3

Last weekend, Sunday to be exact, I dressed up in an outfit that I hadn't worn in months! It was a super nice day out so I set up my tripod to take pictures of myself. Now, when I have a very complex backround {in my case, trees}, it's hard to use auto focus to get nice, clear pictures of myself. At first, I was bummed that my first 5 pictures didn't turn out in auto or manual. But, after a while, I got it. I got the exact spot I needed for a perfect picture. I set the timer and snapped away like a mad women. I was determined to get some good photos so I also played music so get a genuine smile out of myself. :-) Here are a few of the pictures that I took.


I hope you enjoyed them!

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  1. Cute photos, Madie! Aren't self-portraits fun?