Friday, March 30, 2012

Cousin Becca and I

  On Tuesday night, my uncle came and picked up my brother and I, and took us back to his house for the week. Why? Because we're on Spring Break and my parents went to Florida. My uncle's house isn't that far away, but I don't get to see my cousin that often. Of course, just like last time, we {well, mostly I} wanted to have a photoshoot. Although I regret taking pictures in the bright sun, I am finding that a lot of pictures still turned out.

 Let me just say this: I absolutely love the photo above. I'm very proud of it and it is definitely one of my favorite pictures that I've taken in March. I just love it all!!

 We, of course, got some awkward pictures... but they are always fun to look at. She's cute, am I right?

 Sadly, she had to go to school, so my brother and I were at home the whole day while she was at school.
Becca is 2.5 years older than I am.

 Thank you Emily for the idea!

 We went to a little park a few blocks from their house to take pictures. I enjoyed being in a different setting. There's always more to take pictures of when you're in a new place!

That's us! I look a little crazy, but oh well. :D I set up my horrible tripod for this... it obviously didn't fall over like it usually does! Yeah! Oh and I'm the one of the right. Becca's the one of the left. A lot of people tell us we look like sisters...but then there are the people that say we look nothing alike. We looked almost identical when we were younger, though!

Have a good weekend!


  1. nice! i love seeing cousins and doing photoshoots. :) i have yet to do photoshoots with my cousin, because i practically just got my DSLR camera!

  2. Cute pictures, Madie and I DO love that first one. So pretty, and great lighting! :)

  3. AWESOME AWESOME applesauce! you are an awesome PHOTOGRAPHER! the first and 5th ones are my favorite!

  4. I love that first one Madie!! Is she wearing TOMs? because TOMs make any picture just so much better! :)


  5. Lovely photos! You girls look a lot alike. Thanks for linking to my blog!