Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Life Story | A Challenge

   8. Pass 8th Grade

     Eight years ago, I moved from my hometown in Nebraska to where I am now. I was about six when I moved, just getting out of half-day Kindergarten. My family packed our bags and then it was time. It was time to say goodbye to my one and only best friend. I had to say goodbye to my family that also lived there. I had to say goodbye to my home and all of the memories I made there.
     When I arrived in Minnesota, we were unable to move into our house, it wasn't time yet. School was starting though. So what do we do? We stayed at my cousins' house for about a month or so. They were so generous to us and I was so blessed to go to school with them, with a dad as a principal.
     Eventually we settled in our own little home. We had some friends help renovate a room for my brothers; and everything was set. The next four years were alike, yet so different. I went to the same school, with the same principal, with the same classes. Teachers came and left, but one thing remained. No matter who was teaching, the Word of God was always being shared.
     Entering 5th grade {the start of middle school there}, I didn't know exactly what to expect. Middle school was a whole new world to me (even though it was just downstairs). I had a locker... two to be exact. I had to change classrooms and teachers. I now had a gym uniform to change into. Everything was different. Sidenote: Fifth grade was one of the best years of my life (so far)... it was also one of the hardest. Yeah we got a lot of homework, but then was the time when I was figuring out who I was and who I wanted to hang out with. It was not an easy time. In fact, I lost a good reputation for a little while. On top of all of that, my favorite two teachers told my class they were leaving to do mission work half way around the world (now that are pregnant with twins!). They were the best teachers I ever had.
     Time moved on and I grew older. I had the same teacher for 6th and 7th grade. Those two years were great, but nothing super dramatic and exciting happened.
     Eighth grade had finally come. I had one of the most stressful, but most fun years of my life. I grew as a person, and I grew more than ever in my faith. I received a higher learning than ever before. I experienced new things and places. I became more me, and a little less everyone else. I had a blast. When graduation and the last day of school came, I had mixed feelings. I've been with the same 9 people for years. I'd miss them like crazy, but it is/was the time to move on.
     Entering into high school in the fall will be a huge change for me. I'll have to meet new teachers, the new principal, a new {huge} school, and a new group of friends. Think back to the beginning of this story... sound familiar? I'll be entering into a public school for the first time. This summer, I'm determined to prepare myself as much as possible. I'll strengthen my relationship with Christ and I'll prepare myself spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, financially, and physically. I'm ready to leave my little private school and start ministering to others. My challenge is to share my faith in Jesus Christ to a few people by this time next year. I not exactly sure what to call it, but what about Jesus Christ Virus?!? Let me know your thoughts!

Will you take the challenge with me?

P.S. All of these pictures {except the first} are from my eighth grade graduation.


  1. Jesus Christ Virus.. or Believer Fever! :P (just like "bieber fiever.")