Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chocolate Pudding Pie

28. Make a new recipe

I'm sure many of you follow Carlotta's blog. If you've read one of her recent posts, you'd know that she posted a recipe for Chocolate Pudding Pie. I knew when I saw this that I'd have to try it. It looks delicious right? Well, because I'm out of school and my completely bored part of summer has arrived, I've been really crafty lately. I made a memory scrapbook for a friend. And the last two days I've made about 5 different recipes, including this one! Here are two pictures I took from this recipe.

Sorry it's a little dark...
 I didn't follow her recipe exactly though. We don't buy whole milk, so I used whatever milk we had (probably 1%). And we didn't have bittersweet chocolate, so I added chocolate almond bark and a little bit more cocoa to take the place of it. AND I'm not exactly sure what "heavy whipping cream" is, so I used frozen Cool Whip. :P It still tasted fine though! For the top, I also used shaved chocolate almond bark. I shaved it with a cheese shredder thingy. Obviously I'm not a very experienced cook and don't know all of the special terms.

Anyway, I'll stop with my ranting. :) Have a lovely weekend!

P.S. I've been completely a lot of goals lately, so be warned! :D

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