Thursday, June 7, 2012

Graduation #1 | High School

 We stood outside the doors for 15 minutes, then made our way into the gymnasium. We then waited there for about an hour.
 The time finally came... the band started playing the special graduation song, and they all walking in, tassels flying all over the place. 
I personally really like this one because Zach (my brother) is the only thing in focus
 Then, the principal said his words to the class and announced all of the highly honored students.
 After many people already received their diplomas, Zach's name was finally called. He walked up the ramp, shook the teacher's hand, and grabbed his diploma.
He had officially graduated... kinda. It was a fake diploma, he had to go to another room to get his real diploma.
And of course, many pictures concluded our night of appreciation and congratulation.

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  1. your brother looks like you! congrats to him! you took some great pictures :)