Saturday, November 3, 2012

Just Another Day Fishing

 Multiple times during the summer, my family and I would travel up north a few hours and spend the weekend with my grandparents. Ever since we were young, we'd go "fishing with Grandpa."
 After my grandpa had two strokes and a heart surgery in this past year, we often wonder how much longer they will keep their lake home. They only live there half the year, so it isn't used year-round in the first place. We are praying that God will guide them to make the right decision.
Fishing isn't my most favorite thing to do in the world, but I do enjoy it every so often. That feeling you get when you catch a "keeper" just makes your day. In a way, we are like God's keepers. He is keeping us and using us to make a difference in the world. We can't just sit there on the dock and do nothing, we must move and make a difference to survive by hopping in the water. So will you go out today and make a difference?


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