Monday, November 12, 2012

15th Birthday

 Yesterday I celebrated my 15th birthday. This is my story of my day. First, my dad woke me up for church and made me pancakes for my birthday. My mom made me a sign that said "Happy Birthday, We Love You!" After getting ready, my mom and I headed to our church. I brought cookies for my youth group, and then went to the 10:30 service.
 After church, my mom made us hash browns and eggs {also for me}. When I had a bit of free time, I stepped out into the freezing cold and took these five pictures (plus quite a few more). I set up my broken tripod, that still somehow works, plugged in my wireless remote, and snapped away using my remote. I don't think I've talked about my wireless remote yet on the blog! I bought it with some Christmas money and this is the first time that I was able to use it on myself, like I think they should be used for. ;) 
 After lunch, my mom and I headed to my school's play. We bought tickets and found our seats in the second row off to the side. I really enjoyed the play! Now that I'm in high school, I know a lot more people and I enjoy seeing how hard my friends have worked on this piece of art. Supporting them in their hard work is something that I find necessary and appropriate. 
 After the play I went and congratulated my friends and a few of the other actors. At first, I gave a few of my close friends hugs, and then I was getting hugs from everyone! It made me feel really good inside to be getting these hugs from people who don't even know it's my birthday. Then, after two or three hugs from my German friend Jacky, I said my farewell and started walking away. All of a sudden she gently grabbed my arm and gave me one more big hug and said happy birthday. That just made my whole day. To get a hug from a person that has known you only for two months is an amazing feeling. Especially when you aren't even the same age or grade. {I guess that just proves that Germans are the best :)}
When I got home, I worked on schoolwork for quite sometime, taking occasional breaks. My mom made my family soup which felt really nice after a cold, snowy day. I enjoyed reading all of my facebook messages and emails from my friends and family wishing me a happy birthday. It's moments like these that remind me that life if really worth living for. My two older brothers, Devin and Zach, who are in college, both called me and also wished me a happy birthday. It truly was an amazing day. 

Now is the time to compare last year to this year! :) I haven't changed drastically, but I definitely have changed.

 I got a haircut about a week ago now, so one thing different is definitely my hair. 

I have definitely changed this year and I will in the next year too. I think I'll be getting braces sooner than later, so hopefully I'll have straighter teeth next year. :) Cheers to a great birthday!


  1. HAPPY {belated} 15th BIRTHDAY MADIE!!! :D Sounds like you had a fabulous day! Your coat is so cute. Would you like to have one of those pictures over your sidebar tags? Just email me if you would like! I agree, Germans are awesome. I had this German friend last year {Lulu, you may have seen pictures of her or heard her mentioned on my blog or on Instagram} and she was SO kind and nice to everyone! I have had braces for about six or seven months and my teeth are getting really straight now. They hurt and feel pretty awkward the first couple of days, but then it gets better. They also hurt the day of and maybe a few days after you get them tightened. But in the end it's all worth it! :)
    Arianna (:

  2. P.S. if you want to practice before taking your permit test, here is a link to a great website that I used to study for mine! :)

  3. happy birthday!! Glad you had a good day:) late, but whatever. Oh and I'm German. Bwahaha