Monday, November 19, 2012

G. Wedding {my p.o.v}

This past summer, I went to my third wedding, which happened to be my Spanish teacher's wedding. It was half in Spanish, and half in English... a very small, unique wedding. She was soo pretty and I'm blessed that I could go to their wedding. (p.o.v. stands for "point of view" if you didn't catch that) There was a violin player that just sounded marvelous! It was so pretty! Weddings are definitely fun, but if I was to be a wedding photographer, I think I'd get really tired and paranoid with the long day and doing everything that the bride wants.

Anyway, do you like weddings? Have you been to quite a few unlike me? :P


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  1. I love being a wedding photographer :)) but its definitely not for everyone, they are stretching and amazing at the same time! So i have been to a bunch of people's weddings :))