Monday, July 23, 2012

Dana Joy | 2 Months

 Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to photograph lovely Dana Joy. She is such a sweet baby girl! Her mom was my teacher for 4 years, and she also is my mom's good friend from college. So, you know, we know each other pretty well! :P
 We tried getting a lot of smiles out of her, but once she got tired, we wasn't going to stay awake and not be heard!

 I really like the one above, even though it isn't very clear, because it looks like she's praying! Isn't that adorable?!?

 Dana had such cute smiles, but she just learned out to "find her fist" so her fist was almost always in her mouth! I think this is my favorite picture!

 They had the cutest headbands for Dana to wear! 

 Dana has three brothers just like me, only all of her brothers are older. One is two years older than me, the other is one year older than me, and the last brother, Karl, is a year younger than me (I'm good friends with him).

 This was my first session with my 50mm and I have had countless amounts of compliments on the pictures already! It makes me so happy!
 I can remember vividly when Dana's mom told my class she was pregnant. Everyone was shocked because it had been 13 years since her last baby! We were all so happy for her and since I saw her almost every day, we could "watch" her baby grow!
 /\ Many people's favorites.
And of course, you have to capture those little details like hands!

Do you like photographing newborns/babies?


  1. are my favorites! and yes!!! I LOVE photographing newborns!

  2. my favorite is the one that is a lot of people's favorites! it's so cute! good job madie! :)

  3. She is sooo sweet! You did a great job with these, Madie. I have never had the opportunity to photograph newborns, sadly. I want to, though.

  4. what an adorable little baby!
    ps: we have a painting giveaway on our blog this week - just an invitation :-)