Friday, July 13, 2012

2012 Independence Day {v.1}

 Yes, it has been a week since the 4th, but I'm just now posting about it.
 Our morning consisted of going to a  neighboring city for a parade.
Boy, was that parade long.My mom threatened to leave early because it was so long and the temperatures were unbearable.
 After our morning parade, my older two brothers went off on their own and did their own thing, so my younger brother Luke and I were home and completely bored.
 We begged mom and dad to take us somewhere, but because of the heat, there wasn't much outside that we wanted to do.
 So what did we do? We went on a house tour. Haha! No, I'm not moving, but we looked at all sorts of houses (the lake houses were my favorite) while listening to my new CD by Jamie Grace.
 We were looking at houses for a little over an hour before the sun went down and it was time for the city firework show {that apparently is the best in the Cities}.
 Let me tell you, this picture made my night. Gah!
 I never knew that fireworks were create such great bokeh! :P
The finale.
 So even though I didn't go out of town like I have every year, it was nice to experience something new and in my city for once. Last year was close to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But this year, I just might have found some enjoyment in it.

What did you do for the 4th? Were you restricted from fireworks because of the drought?

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