Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Time

I never wanted to have to end up doing this, but it's time for a break; a blog break. "My" computer is broken and I have probably lost all my photos {again}. I feel like I could cry about it, but I know I enjoyed those memories and will cherish them. I always find it silly when people take blog breaks, because it just sometimes seems unnecessary, but I just need a little break now. This break will hopefully not be long. I'll still try to read all of the blogs I follow and comment when I feel necessary. For now I will search for inspiration, I will reach out for it, and then grasp it with both hands. I'll try my best to use my phone and ipod pictures to come up with posts when I have the chance. I will definitely NOT stop taking pictures. I am still trying to accomplish my photo a day: 365. Go ahead and take a peak at my photography blog. Yes, I am very behind in that too, but there are numerous pictures there. I hope to talk to you all soon on this little bloggy of mine.

Goodbye for now!

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