Monday, January 16, 2012

The Day has Passed

Yesterday was the day.

The day I was{supposed} to be done reading the Bible.

Yes, I'm a little sad, because it's always fun to say you've read the Bible in one year.

But I've come to realize something.

It's not how long it takes you to read the Bible that matters. It's the fact that you are reading the Bible.

I may not be done reading the Bible, but I'm perfectly content with that.

Have you read the whole Bible?


  1. I have tried to read through the whole Bible, but I have always gotten very behind in the summer when I go to a Christian camp for several weeks. I think it's important to just read it, like you said. :)

  2. I'm trying to read the whole Bible this year and have already gotten behind a little. :( I'll try to catch up.

  3. I read the bible all the way through twice last year! :) once in four months and the second time in 82 days. Gods word is growing sweeter still!