Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pinspiration {v. 1}

He is in control!
John 16:33
Pray hard.
this is really beautiful! <3
I'm truly sorry for neglecting my blog for a long time again. I should have notified you all. Pictures are not uploading for me, therefore I have had nothing to post about... until I just realized I could copy and paste pictures. This seems like something that could become a series for me. Hopefully I can work out this whole blog problem. I've been doing my best to catch up on a few blogs. Thank you all for your patience. 

What's new? There's a lot new with me! Over the weekend the lovely Minnesota received about a foot of snow... almost out of nowhere. We didn't have snow one day, and the next... boom!, tons of snow. I can't wait to share pictures. I've also been enjoying life in high school. I am involved in band (I play the flute) and other after school activities. Being in a public school has strengthened my faith life like crazy! I can't go a day without thinking of Christ and praying to Him. I am also enjoying this Christmas season. :) 

How's your life going? 

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