Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baby L | Newborn Session

40 in 2012

2. Have a newborn session

Last Monday, I had my first boy, newborn session. Again, the baby wasn't quite a newborn, just like when I took photos of a newborn girl. They both are fairly young, just older than 3 weeks old. This was my first baby/newborn session with my Nikon. I have to say, it went pretty well! :)

 This whole photoshoot was almost completely out of the blue. One day I asked if I could take a family's baby's pictures, the next, I was at their house snapping away!

 Yah, yah, yah, I know. It looks weird that I took his photo right up his nose, but it IS cute! I mean, come on! :D

LOVE!! He {apparently} really liked me because he was really good and hardly cried. I didn't try any super awesome poses, but I did get some good pictures. 

 He was honestly, the happiest baby ever! It was SO cute when he laughed! :D

Haha, funny story! So I get to the family's house and they tell me that I can look around the baby's room for some cute outfits for him. I look around, and find the outfit above. Cute, right? (sorry, it's kinda hard to tell here) The parents were super nice, and the dad was willing put it on him. When the dad finished the last button/snap, he was blown away. He had never seen this cute of an outfit. They have TONS of baby clothes that people keep giving them and they just haven't used all of them yet. He's like, "When we go somewhere special, we are SO dressing him in this!" And a little bit later the mom said, "So, have you decided where we are going to have him wear that outfit?" And he responded back, "Anywhere." Haha! It was hilarious! And that isn't it! So the dad dresses the baby and puts him in the little basket I brought. Baby L falls asleep right away. He wasn't sleeping any other part of the full 3 hours I was there. It was SO funny! The parents were so pleased and were laughing really hard that he fell asleep in it. :D They said when they can't get the baby to sleep, they will call me to bring my basket and blanket. :P

Well, I hope you enjoyed my very all-over-the-place story and the pictures.

Which one was your favorite?


  1. I really like the last one! :)

  2. These are so cute! You did a good job, Madie.


  3. Wow! You are REALLY good!