Sunday, May 1, 2011

More pictures

 It rained almost all day yesterday. At least things are starting to grow!

 My neighbor Jennie.

 I pretty sure she's 3 years old.

 Her hair is SO cute!

 Ah! :-)

 Jennie's brother Peter. He's almost one.

 Jennie and Peter's sister, Katie.

 Too cute!
 I wonder who this is... do I know her (I'm pretty sure It's a girl)? Does she want to go to prom? SO many questions!
Happy May Day!


  1. For everybody out there: That beautiful little baby and little girl are my brother and sister! I'm SOOO lucky! :) Great pictures, Madeline!


  2. Yes you are!!! They are adorable!! If your family ever needs a babysitter...