Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trip to the Farm

During spring break, I had the opportunity to travel to Nebraska to visit some family again. Our trip this time consisted of traveling to my uncle and aunt's farm! Unfortunately we didn't go south to warm weather, it was still pretty cold, but I love all the adventures I can take at the farm! It was cool to get really close to the Robins and take pictures of them. We were celebrating Easter a few days early, so we had a VERY fancy dinner with a yummy lemony cake for dessert {second picture}. Then, I had to get some pictures of me at the farm, so I asked my brother Luke to take some of me. He did a great job, and I think I received some good photos out of it! I learned how to make a sepia feel in photoshop, and the edit really fit some of these pictures. Overall, I had a great weekend at my grandparents'.

P.S. It was my second blogoversary a few days ago! Thank you all for your support!


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